How to control your server

Most of the server settings, including information about the users, are stored inside of SQLite database, which makes it difficult to manage them directly.

However, the server has a built-in RESTful server, which provides the necessary interface.

The easiest way to set up and control the server is through our Controller web application. Another way: install the Windows desktop application, which does the same.

The RESTful API, by default, listens on ports 6060 (HTTP) and 6061 (HTTPS).

Secure connection on port 6061 will not work until you specify the certificate.

In the beginning, the URL would be something like The initial user name and password are admin. The credentials must be changed at the very first opportunity.

You also can create your controller. The API follows OpenAPI standard, and you can get the JSON interface by enabling SWAGGER and retrieving it directly from your mail server instance, or get the current data here. Please keep in mind, that the API will be changing as we continue the development.

In case the login credentials are lost or forgotten, follow the instructions on how to reset them.